Some doubts about structure and volumes


I’ve been working on a project to store the digital collections (basically photographs) of a museum using DSpace.
Being acquainted to Omeka S raised some questions on the possibility to use it instead.
As far as could see Omeka S has no hierarchical structure to accommodate items as in DSpace. Am I right on this?
My second doubt is related to storage capacity. Is there any maximum limit of items or collections in Omeka S? Is there any study on performance related to site searchs?
Does someone have experience in using Omeka S with museums as a means of storing and preserving digital collections?
Thank you very much.

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your questions.

You are correct that Items in Omeka S are all basically on an equivalent plane, but through the use of LOD vocabulary properties you can indicate entity hierarchy, ie. Item 1 has part Item 2.

We’ve had no reports of concerns with capacity. There certainly isn’t a limit to the number of items that an installation can accommodate. Thus far, we have not had anyone report on search performance at large scale. A basic Omeka S installation uses MySQL native search capacity, but there are modules by external developers for other search alternatives.

The Omeka S site directory includes lots of implementations serving digital collections that you can explore. I’m sure that there are lots of Omeka S users and developers here on the forums that can point you to other instances.

Finally, I should note that Omeka S is a web publishing platform, not a preservation grade repository.


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