"SolrCore Initialization Failures"

There have been a number of SolrSearch topics lately, but none dealing simply with the copying of the solr-core/omeka directory to the Solr home directory. I seem to be having trouble at that moment. I’m running solr-6.4.2 with omeka 2.5. Setup for the Solr server went fine and installing the plugin went fine, but it’s getting the two together that’s been tough. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I believe that the plugin only works with Solr 4 as is. There is an issue for the project about using newer versions of Solr: https://github.com/scholarslab/SolrSearch/issues/123

Thank you, kloor. You’ve been a great help.

FWIW, just saw this message now - we are running solr 5. I admit that I am reluctant to upgrade at the moment simply because last time, when we went from 4 to 5, it took a bit of time to get things connected appropriately again…

With that said, I don’t think the plug-in is the issue 99% of the time; it’s solr. For example, I still haven’t figured out a good solution to what others have mentioned about the core loading properly–whenever there’s a security patch installed and our system is rebooted, I have to re-add the core from the admin panel because it’s not showing. But then when I re-add it, I get an error message that it already exists, and suddenly there it is in the drop-down menu. I think the admin panel is flaky.