Solr Search, PHP extension, shared server environment


Our university uses Reclaim Hosting and when we asked them about adding the PHP extension for Solr and they told us “the PHP extensions that are needed for SOLR won’t work in the shared environment of our servers.”

Our goal is to provide full-text indexing and searching capabilities across PDF documents. We successfully installed the full-text search and the PDFtoText modules, so the user is now able to search the text in the documents, but there is no way to find the keyword’s location on a page. We get a list of results (PDFS) that contain the keyword, but then we have to open the PDF and do a cmd F and search again for the keyword to find it on the page.

Question: Is there any other way to create a better full-text search experience for the user? We are trying to figure how to lead the user to the exact location of the keyword on the page that would be highlighted.

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I have rewritten the Solr module so it is based on, that does the same thing than php-solr server extension, but it is still experimental. This is probably the way to go. it is not yet published, but if you can have some possibilities to test it, it’s a good solution. Else you can connect to a remote solr server.

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