Solr Search module bugs / misconfigurations


I am relatively new to Omeka S and trying the Solr searching feature get to life.
I have a 2.1 version.

What I did so far:

  • I downloaded the Search module and the Solr-Search adapter by Daniel-KM
  • I downloaded Solr 6.6.6, created a new omeka core
  • I installed the Solr search module in Omeka S
  • On the Search administration page I created a new index using Solr settings
  • I started reindexing records -> it’s fine, Solr Admin shows all of my records
    – Anyway JQuery UI does not work for me, when i try to install it, it says Module.php is incompatible.
  • I created a search page for solr searching, i could navigate to that page

My problems:

  • The solr search page is displaying with one search field
  • If I type a keyword and I hit search, I got the following error:

Notice : Undefined index: query in /var/www/omeka/modules/Solr/src/Querier/SolrQuerier.php on line 68

Warning : array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/omeka/modules/Solr/src/Querier/SolrQuerier.php on line 68

Call to undefined method Search\Query::getIsPublic()


Error: Call to undefined method Search\Query::getIsPublic() in /var/www/omeka/modules/Solr/src/Querier/SolrQuerier.php:98 Stack trace:

This module is so hard to use.
If would like to uninstall and I would like to try the other solr search adapter it’s impossible. It shows error when you want to delete or uninstall this module.

If somebody is more familier with this module, please help!
Thank you!


For the jQueryUI problem, verify that folder is named exactly like that (it is case sensitive)

I don’t know about this particular error. Verify that you have the latest version of Search and Solr modules both from Daniel-KM repository.

If you want to uninstall the module “the hard way”, you can delete the corresponding rows in module table, as well as all tables starting with search_ and solr_, and then remove the directories in modules/

You might want to give a try to and I updated them recently to make it work with the latest version of Omeka S and Solr (I tested it with Solr 6, 7 and 8)

Thank you,
I check again everything is the latest…?

What are your versions? Search is currently 3.5.13 and Solr 3.5.11, and it is in production without issue.

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