Solr Search and Search

I’m trying to setup Solr Search in Omeka (v2.0.0-alpha) using Daniel’s
Search (version and Search adapter for Solr (version 3.5.10)

I’ve followed the directions in github to setup the index, however Indexing fails with the following error:

2019-08-07T00:41:35+00:00 INFO (6): Search index #3 (“default”): start of indexing
2019-08-07T00:41:35+00:00 INFO (6): Indexing resource #1157 (items)
2019-08-07T00:41:35+00:00 ERR (3): Doctrine\ORM\Query\QueryException: SELECT omeka_root FROM Solr\Entity\SolrMapping omeka_root INNER JOIN Solr\Entity\SolrMapping.solrNode omeka_0 WHERE = :omeka_1 AND Solr\Entity\SolrMapping.resourceName = :omeka_2 GROUP BY ORDER BY ASC in /var/www/html/omeka-s/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Query/QueryException.php:43

Do I need to roll back Omeka to an earlier version? Is there a recommended release?

It appears that the issue you are running into is due to the change in Omeka-S v2.0.0 described here:

I can confirm that Daniel’s modules work well in Omeka-S v1.4.0.

Thanks - that’s likely the case - I’m going to re-install with v1.4.0. for now… (unless @Daniel_KM has a working dev of Solr?)


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Yes, I’m working on the upgrade of modules I manage, soon.

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