Solr Facets as dropdown?

Solr Pluigin question:

We have 2K items in one facet (subjects), so if we make visible the page would be cumbersome. Any idea how I could make a specific facet into a dropdown?

In the Solr Search plugin’s Results tab, there is a configuration setting called “Facet Count” which controls the maximum number of items shown for each facet. It should show the facets with the highest number of items first.

Otherwise, it should be possible through theming to change the display of the Facets in the search interface into a dropdown box.

Thanks, John. I understand the facet count option, but wondering if there is something that can be done with the:
omeka//plugins/SolrSearch/views/shared/results/index.php file to turn just one facet, not all fields, into a dropdown.

It would be possible with a theme. You could replace the search result page in your theme with a version that looks for a certain facet and outputs it as a form with a select element, or you could possibly use Javascript and/or CSS to alter the facet in the HTML since it appears each facet gets its own class.