Slideshow Features

Hi, All - We have been playing with the different themes over the last few months with the desire to make our exhibits available online. I would really like to have a slideshow feature but have not see that in the themes available. I like the look of the Big Picture theme - has anyone added a slideshow feature - willing to share? Thank you!


I wonder if you tried the plugin title Shortcode Carousel? This plugin will make it possible for you to add slideshows almost anywhere you want on your Omeka website.

Hello Janie,
You might want to try this plugin: . It adds several block designs for exhibit pages, including an item slider. It should work with any theme.
I developed it while I was working at the Library of the University of Seville. This is their Omeka website:
These are some exhibits where the slider is used:

Let me know if you decide to try or use it or if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help.

This looks like exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve looked at the github page, but as I’m fairly new at this I haven’t any idea of how to proceed, what to download and/or where to put it. Can you help me out?


Hello David,
I’m glad that you think it’s useful for you. To use this plugin, you just need to download it and copy the “Mosaic” folder to the plugins folder of your Omeka installation. You can download the repository in a zip file here ( or by clicking on the top right green button on the GitHub repository page. After that, you’ll see it at the the plugins section of your Omeka. You can find use instructions in the repository readme (

What website would you be using this plugin at? I’m thrilled :smiley:

Hi Boca,

This looks great! The sites you built are wonderful. To use this plugin on GitHub, do I need to be using one of the paid subscription models? I am working with a free Omeka site.


Hi jhenry12,

Sorry that I missed your message and thank you for your interest. As far as I’m concerned, does not allow for the installation of custom plugins, or at least the free version. In order to use this plugin, you need to have your own installation; either locally, in your own server, or at a web hosting server.

If you need a server, let me know and I could give you a free demo to test it Omeka Classic or S.