Skipped all of the records except one in CSV Import


I have almost the same issue than MariaNiku but not exactly. When I import a CSV file in the plugin CSV Import +, the import is said “completed”, but it always skips all of my records, except one, the last one. I imagine that this is a trouble with my documents, but I can’t figure it out ? Does anyone has a solution ?

You can find an exemple of my document here :


Mylène R.

Do you use the standard Csv Import ? It doesn’t allow tabulation, so replace them with a unfrequent character, like “|” and set it as the “column delimiter”.

I use the version 2.2, improved by you. It allows tabulation but I will try with |

And I tried to import files in .ods with the plugin Archive Folder, the exact same thing happened…

Thanks for your answer !

Csv Import Plus is now 2.3. I don’t know if this is related, but can you try with the last version?

Tabulation is not the issue.

Furthermore, what is the column you use for identifier? Archive Folder and Csv Import + work the same (except that Archive Folder uses directly a spreadsheet): they need an identifier on each row. And I fixed the max size of an identifier to 255 characters, so it can’t be the title here.

The identifier is “Source” where I put the shell number.

I just try to import and it works fine (9 items).

A detail: to be Dublin Core compliant, the identifier and the source should be not an html value, because it may be used widely and easy to share. You can convert the sudoc code into a link with a filter in a specific plugin.