Size of Item Box when Loading Audio File


I’ve recently uploaded an audio file for the first time to my Omeka site, but for some reason, the size of the box itself is quite small. In fact, its so small, I cannot even see the play/pause buttons or any other feature. The audio does play automatically, so that’s a positive! Has anyone experienced a similar situation? What did you do to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

A few questions to help us help you: what browser(s) are you using? What version of Omeka are you running? What kind of audio file is it (mp3, wav, etc)? And which theme are you using?

The theme question is if you are having this problem on the public side - or is it on the admin side?

Hi Megan,

I’ve used both Chrome and Firefox, but both have proven to work against me in this instance. The box size for the file slightly smaller on FF than on Chrome, but still unviewable. We are using Omeka version 2.4.1, and the Seasons/Fall theme. The audio file type is an MP3.

Having problems viewing the box on both admin and public sides.

Can you go to admin/system-info and let me know what version of Seasons you’re running? And if you’re comfortable, share a link to the public page of the item (assuming the item itself is public).

Our site is currently only accessible on the campus network. Working diligently with my IT department to get this squared away. Could you private message an email address, or can I show a screenshot of the page somewhere on this thread? Please let me know. The Themes config settings file states it’s Seasons version 2.3.1.

Sorry - seasons is current at version 2.0.

Try upgrading Seasons, at least. There’s an old issue for Seasons (from 2013) regarding problems with HTML media playback that would have been fixed by seasons 2.1.6 and 2.2.1