Size limits of Omeka?

Is it possible to use Omeka for a giant archiving project, sized about 20 terrabytes? (Thousands of files)

Are there any possibilities to crash for that much size?

The archive would run on local servers.

Omeka manages mainly the metadata. For files, it creates only large and small thumbnails, but once created, it doesn’t care about the size, so the capacity of your site depends mainly on the capacity on the material server and its bandwidth. If the files are audio/video, they should be served by a separate server. For the sql base, you can put it on another server too.

Nevertheless, for such a project, I recommend Omeka S, that is much more versatile and based on modern components (Zend 3 and Doctrine), and that can be customized easily.

Is there any disadvatange of Omeka S, different from Omeka?

All my projects are now on Omeka S, because it can already do all what Omeka Classic can do, and once configured, it’s simpler than Omeka Classic.

The only disadvantage is that Omeka Classic has a lot of plugins and themes that are not yet ported to Omeka S, only the main ones. See the list in

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