Sitemap module for Omeka-S


Is there a sitemap module for Omeka-S, and where may I locate it. I have looked around but not found a module.
I have a client who I’d like to put onto Omeka-S sometime this year, but the artworks and documents will run into several hundreds and need to be seen in Google and other search engines.
In line with this, is there a method people use to tag media and documents for search engines - for example, if artwork is from Raratonga Islands, can we include that as a tag along with the artist’s name, and that then goes into the search engine data.

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I am also looking for a site mapping option for Omeka S. I understand that this is and older post but perhaps there has been an update?


Daniel Brett

I am also curious about a tool for creating a sitemap in our Omeka Sites. I just tried a free online tool for one of our sites on Omeka S, but it didn’t seem to include all of the pages, including item pages within that site. Does anyone have a better solution?