Site Integration

Hi there, maybe this isn’t possible but just in case I thought I’d ask…We’re building a new site for our literary magazine and it will cost the earth to migrate all the old issues to it so I was wondering (beyond simply by a link) is there a way to integrate the site (which is an old wordpress/code ignitor one) into our Omeka site at I know it’s two different systems, so sorry if this is a very stupid question and it’s not at all possible. thanks, Greg

There’s no provision in Omeka for integrating another site within the main one.

Exporting the data from your old site and importing to the new one (perhaps with the CSV Import plugin or in some other way) is an option to bring it all together. If that’s not feasible, I think the best you’re going to do would be something like just linking to the old site from the navigation of the new one, or from a page.

Potentially the sites could sit alongside each other but that doesn’t really get you any more integration of the two.

a good idea would be to process data exported from wordpress (or get it from wordpress API) and using R/Python prepare a CSV file ready to import into Omeka.

of course data can be also scrapped directly from the site :slight_smile: