Site Home Page Redirect

How do you create a redirect from the base URL of your site (omeka-s/s/sitename) to go to a custom home page (i.e. omeka-s/s/sitename/page/home)?

Right now, I have a Home page that I created, but when I go to the base site URL, it says “This site has no pages.”

I looked at the sandbox, and the Martha Washington site has this redirect that goes right from the URL slug to the custom Home page. Can I do that from my own Omeka-s admin dashboard?

The topmost item in your navigation will be your home site

You might need to check that you’ve added the page to your navigation - it doesn’t happen automatically.

Yes, the link to the page is in my navigation and it is the first item in my navigation. But it is not behaving as in the way that I want as described in the OP.

Can you walk me through, step by step, what you have? Did you add the page to the navigation or add it in as a custom url?

I’ve tried adding a “home” page to the site Test1 on the sandbox and have been unable to replicate the “this site has no pages” message that you’re seeing.

It was as a Custom URL. I tried from “Add a link to a site page” instead and that resolved the problem. Thanks.

Glad that worked for you - I’ll update the documentation to make it clear.