Simple Vocab Plus - new features, v.3.0

I’ve just published on Github ( a new fork for Simple Vocab Plus plugin, with some new features:

  • chance to use the values already stored in the repository for the same element as suggestions;
  • chance to check the values stored for a specific element;
  • chance to force the use of a list of values (similar to the dropdown feature of the Simple Vocab original plugin);
  • plugin configuration panel.
    Hope this addresses some of the requests I’ve read on this forum; comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Plugin updated. There was a bug affecting the dropdown boxes when pressing “add input” button, now all seems to work fine. As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Is this available also for OmekaS?

Sorry, but no: it’s just for Omeka Classic. But you’re free to get any idea from it and translate it for OmekaS.

I’m testing a new version now, as soon as it’s ready I’ll publish it.

Well, I was wondering if there is a chance to add custom controlled vocabularies in omekas.

I saw that in previous posts you added new ones in the list of built-ins if they were reasonable, i.e. reusable by other.
In my case such custom controlled vocabularies are not “reasonable”. they are sort of local vocabularies that members of the team want to reduce as much as possible - so as to avoid too much heterogeneity-, but they also want to be able to extend such controlled vocabularies when needed.

My understanding is that they can only do it by creating itemsets rather than controlled vocabularies. Is this correct? If so, I’d know what to tell them to do :slight_smile: many thanks

It’s not DanieleB’s Simple Vocab Plus, but there is a “custom controlled vocabulary” Omeka S module: CustomVocab.

thank you! I’ll have a look at that

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