Simple vocab and new terms

Hi friends, how can I combine simple vocab with new entries when adding an item?
Since I activated the Simple Vocab Plugin, it is not possible to add new entry that is outside the simple vocab list of words. I would like to have the options: choosing a word from the simple vocab list, or create a new term.
Any help?
Thank you in advance.


I guess you could propose that as a feature request, but I think it goes against what a lot of people use Simple Vocab for. Having the option to add to the vocab list right on the edit form feels like it steps too far over the line of making it easy to expand and “un-control” the list.

You’d have to do some thinking about who should be allowed to add to the vocab and who should not, a decision which is somewhat already made by the current plugin (as non-administrators cannot go to the plugin’s configuration page) since it would add a method to change the vocabulary on a widely-accessible page, the item add/edit page.

Yes John, you are right. Doing that is against the Simple Vocab purpose.
I thought in that possibility in case of gathering documents and information from guest users (they can´t access the admin side). If you know about any site or repository using a form for users to contribute, please let me know. I use the Contribution pluging in my repository.
Thank you very much!

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