Simple Pages conflict?

I’m getting an issue … similar to this one from 2019.

Where can I find the database to eliminate the offending file?


Solved. in PHPmyAdmin.
I removed only the offending “about” page that might have been created during the installatron installation (who knows?)…

But, that solved the issue.

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Yeah, the way this would happen is if you actually have the “pages” table in your database even though Simple Pages is not installed. The plugin removes the table when it’s uninstalled, so having that table left there probably originates from some other issue… the plugin being manually removed, databases being moved around/copied/restored out of sync, or manually created, something like that.

If it’s supposed to be a “clean” install then the simple thing to do is just remove the offending table entirely, as the Simple Pages installer will create it for you. Obviously if there’s stuff in there or it’s some other situation like an imported table you’re purposely trying to use to get existing pages, then you might not want to do that.

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