Simple Pages - Cannot Add Images, prev topics don't help

I cannot understand why Simple Pages makes it so incredibly hard to add images. I have searched all of the topics here and followed the instructions and it still will not work. I see it in edit and as soon as I save it disappears. I added img to html elements and img.src to attributes and still no success. I tried hardcoding it in source view, no success. I need this to be easy for a faculty member to do using the html editor and insert image. This seems so basic to be so broken. Any help appreciated.

Try turning off your HTML filtering in security settings.

Thank you so much! That fixed it.

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I had this problem a while back so I created a shortcode plugin called Shortcode Anyfile. It’s in Plugins on the Omeka Classic site. It allows you to insert an image anywhere you can insert a shortcode but is especially good for Simple Pages. You can pick the image from an item or from the images directory of your theme. Documentation on GitHub.

You could also consider using Admin Images plugin to solve your problem.

I’ve created a fork on GitHub ( that is improving the plugin and updating the user interface, there’s no release as I’m hoping UCSCLibrary will consider my pull request and update their original version, but you’re obviously more than welcome to use it.

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