Simple Pages alternative for complex pages?

If I want to make a single page in Omeka Classic, is there an alternative to Simple Pages?

I have two immediate use cases:

  1. I have a page on which I’d like to use block-level links; Simple Pages’ built-in html editor re-writes my html to make the links into NOT block level. I’d like to override this behavior.
  2. I have a page that lists all of the tags we use on the site; the page is built manually in Simple Pages and has to be updated manually. I’d like to build a PHP-driven page that does this dynamically, but I don’t even know how to start building a single page that lets me use PHP.

Does an option like this exist?

I found a solution to the block-level link issue by using some jquery on the front end.

But for a more complex page like the second example, I’m still wondering what might work.

And i find that the items/tags page already exists, so maybe my second use case is irrelevant?

About your question #2, what is wrong with the “browse by tag” public page (yourrepository/items/tags)? It seems to me it should deliver what you’re trying to achieve.

@DanieleB - the only thing wrong was I didn’t realize it existed until after I posted this!

Well, I hope the issue is solved now. Remember you can always customize that page, creating one with the same name in your theme.