Simple Page Module Stub to Help New Developers

I’m a long -time omeka user who has just developed a substantial site and needs to create a custom show page for a specific class of items. When an item of Type: Location is displayed, I want the show page to have some metadata about the location in question, and then on the same page, a list of related items would be displayed categorized according to various types, ordered according to a hidden property.

Over the years, I have managed to teach myself several different programming frameworks, but I find that learning Zend from scratch is very daunting – especially for a person who wants to learn just enough zend to create a simple Omeka-s module.

It seems to me that it would be helpful to have a base module similar to the old “Simple Pages” module that is a fully functional module that a person could use as a stub for taking apart and incrementally customizing. I find that examples like this are very beneficial for a sort of hacker approach to bootstrapping an understanding of how Omeka-S modules work.

Does anyone out there have any advice for me such as existing Omeka-S modules that may fill the bill? I have seen DanielKM’s “Generic” module, and may start fooling around with this. Although I think it would be much more helpful in my situation to start with a module that is finished and can be installed right out of the box.

I may be willing to pay someone to ressurect the simeple pages module, perhaps with the addition of a very simple ordered item list.

I would also welcome advice on strategies for boostrapping on Zend for Omeka Module developers.

Thank you.

The best way is to use simple module or similar module as an example.

Generic is a module that simplifies the creation of new modules, because it manages simply the installation, the uninstallation, the config keys, the config, the setting, the site setting, etc. Just create a standard form, add the keys in the config, add some code in the module, and that’s all. and I don’t need to recopy the boring and repetitive code. Ideally, all this code should be in the core.

But I don’t understand the simple page stub: for a site page, you just need to create a block or even a simple template for the theme. See the module BlockPlus too, that allows to have multiple template by block.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you VERY MUCH! Tis is exactly the sort of pointer I was looking for. I am sure that you have saved me weeks of effort in trying to create my first module. Or maybe BlockPlus is the solution for making a specific sort of custom show page for items with related resources. I will update this post once I have had a chance to mess around with the BlockPlus module.

Have a great weekend.