Simple Carousel - Update to Omeka S 3

There is a nice module Simple Carousel ( , which unfortunately is no longer developed. So I made a pull request on github ( and adapted my version for Omeka 3. Unfortunately the original developer doesn’t seem to care about the project anymore. What is the best way to proceed so that my current version is also available on the module overview page (

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We don’t really have a formal process for replacing a module on that list: if you could work it out with the original developer they could remove theirs and we could add yours in the same name, but I don’t think we’d want to do that unilaterally.

Instead of replacing, you could just name your fork something different and ask for it to be listed like any other module.

Ok, then I will wait a while and if there is no feedback I will publish my own version under a new name,

In the module BlockPlus, there is a carousel template for the browse preview block. It is the same carousel than in classic plugin Shortcode Carousel.

Great @Daniel_KM ! Could you please also provide the ZIP-File for the latest release? The Last Version with ZIP is 3.0.11 but master already Thanks

Currently, zips of releases are not published on gitlab, only on github. The last one is available here:

Thank for the quick response. Should I follow you on Gitlab or Github? I’m a bit confused…

I use gitlab first now.

The git repositories are updated at the same time, but I have some scripts to publish automatically zip releases on github that I didn’t update yet for gitlab. They will be upgraded soon with the new module Easy Install (that will do update too).

Anyway, the point is to avoid any monopolistic and anti-privacy repository. Furthermore, for open source projects, it’s more coherent to use an open source repository, not a proprietary one.

Hi -
Are there any plans to make a version for Omeka Classic?

There are shortcode options for a carousel for Omeka Classic:

Sorry I only develop for Omeka S.

I would be interested in your version. Please let us know if posted.

You can use my code from the pull request:

Oder directly my repository:

Some other user tested it already and everything was fine:

Please share your tests at github or here…

We’ve got your module modification of Simple Carousel running, Dan. It looks great. Thanks!

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The only additional dream feature would be a way to display a property either on or above or below the item. For example, to be able to display the image title or id. There is a built-in function for a custom caption for Items which can be used in the “Item Showcase” lists, but each has to be added by hand, so it is not ideal. If text were super-imposed on the photo, it might be nice for it to fade away so that a user could flip to it and note it but not be distracted. Also, as stated, above or below would be ok. We use carousels for users to flip through a large collection of images. Often they need a way to reference a particular image.

Hi @MertonCenter, a new Omeka S Carousel Browse Block module is coming very soon that will allow for some of the functionality you’ve requested–each item can have the item title or media/image title display, either below or superimposed over the image (although without the fade away you mention).

We’re still testing the module, but you can grab a pre-release version here if interested:

That’s good to know. Thanks!

Funny! I also started to develop a module using Slick! I would recommend to merge your code with this module:
Because there are already different Blocks possible, also a coroussel, but it’s not based on slick.

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