Side-by-side transcriptions and images

Is there a way to make transcriptions and images appear side-by-side at the item level rather than having to click on the thumbnail to see attached media? I’m new to Omeka S and am having a difficult time figuring out how to structure our documents.

Are you asking about the public or admin views?
On the public side, that is controlled by the theme. There is information about modifying and working with themes in the developer documentation.

Sounds like you are doing a similat job to what I am doing with Omeka C which is docs and transcriptions but I add a plant picture to my Subject box . I use Admin Images around400, 600, to 800 px width with text line on the plant underneath it.
The way I see it is you can drop an Admin image into your Description and add your text under it For a bigger view you go to" view image" in a new browser tab. I have noticed that sometimes I get it wrong in layout and get a word wrap column.
It doesn’t matter where you drop Admin Images, over or under your text. You can still have your file images.

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