Shortcode size=thumbnail_square not working

I want to control the size of the images on this page:

The code is [items num=1 tags=roseman:chance-encounters sort=random] right now.

sort=random is not working

size=thumbnail_square does not work

Do I need to fix something in my install, a php file or something, for shortcodes to fully work?

The theme is Big Picture

Are you doing “thumbnail_square” or “square_thumbnail” for the size? It should be “square_thumbnail”

Thanks, I had tried both and in my frustration wrote the wrong way in the post as I got caught in a web of trying multiple things. I appreciate your clarity.

But, unfortunately, it still is not working. Does size only work with file?

Here is what I have in the text box of the simple page:

Groups: A Web Project

[items num=1 tags=roseman:chance-encounters sort=random size=square_thumbnail]

Mother’s Clothing, etc. by Eugene Carroll

View Collection

[items num=1 tags=roseman:mothers-clothing sort=random size=square_thumbnail]


[items num=1 tags=roseman:self-portraits_1956-1970 sort=random size=square_thumbnail]

Visitors: A Journal

[items num=1 tags=roseman:visitors_2006 sort=random size=square_thumbnail]

Video: Weaving the Walls

An experimental documentary which chronicles the process of artist Roseman, Harry’s “Woven Walls” drawing installation in Woodstock, NY in the summer of 2008. Selected by Vassar College’s “ModFest” in 2010.

Also, I just tried with the html box is unchecked as per the instructions [here] and I am using a simple page (Shortcodes - Omeka Classic User Manual):

“In Omeka, shortcodes work in basic text fields (not using the HTML editor) in specific places on Omeka Classic sites: on Simple Pages, and on Exhibit pages.”

Not sure why they are not working unless size=square_thumbnail or size=thumbnail cannot be used unless it is [file id=#]

OK, sorry:

There isn’t a “size” option for the “items” shortcode: it just uses your theme’s items/single.php view (the same that’s used for displaying featured items on the homepage).

You can edit that single.php file and change what it shows, including the thumbnail type. Also, enabling the “Use Square Thumbnails” option in the Appearance settings will cause square thumbnails to be used here (and in several other places).

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