Shortcode Carousel plugin - new features


I needed to add some extra features to the Shortcode Carousel plugin for a project, so I’ve created a fork freely available on GitHub: The new options are:

  • pauseonhover: setting pauseonhover=true will temporarily pause the carousel’s scrolling when mouse will be hovering over it. For example: [carousel pauseonhover=true]
  • showtitlesastooltips: setting showtitlesastooltips=true will use the item title as text for image’s tooltip in the carousel. For example: [carousel showtitles=true showtitlesastooltips=true]
  • hidenavigation: setting hidenavigation=true will hide the carousel’s navigation bar. For example: [carousel hidenavigation=true]

I’ve also restyled a bit the chevrons to navigate to previous or following pictures; now they’re hidden unless hovering over the carousel.

I would appreciate testing and comments from other users.


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