Shortcode carousel - illegal string offset

Hi there - I’m using the Northfield theme and have created a homepage (using a simple page, HTML box NOT checked) with a carousel using [featured_carousel]. I’m getting this error message when I publish the page:

Warning : Illegal string offset ‘is_featured’ in /data/www/jewishst/omeka/plugins/ShortcodeCarousel/ShortcodeCarouselPlugin.php on line 30

I have two other questions too, but not sure if it’s appropriate to lump them together. I will just put them here in case someone can help - but the error message is paramount:

  1. The featured images I selected aren’t displaying - just random images.
  2. The images in the carousel are appearing as thumbnails and not as larger images. Any way to fix?


On the “featured” problem: try [carousel is_featured=1]

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