"Shopping cart" plugin, any ideas?


I’ve been pondering, for a couple of projects, on the creation of a “shopping cart” plugin, i.e. something that could be used to pick Items from a repository and present them in an apart page; then, “do something” with them. Someone in the past already mentioned a similar plugin (I’ve found this thread, f.i., but unfortunately the link to the website does not work anymore, and the author of the post did not reply to my messages).

Possible uses:

  • request to curator for additional information about selected Item(s);
  • report on selected Item(s) [yes, I know there are other plugins that can build reports, but I just thought it could be useful to pick unconnected Items and aggregate them];
  • allow to shop for Items, eventually offering the chance to specify quantity and, if valued, using a “price” field to calculate total amount [as it is not my intention to implemente diffent payment systems, the plugin could send an e-mail to whoever is in charge of sales with the contact information of the buyer].

Ideas for development:

  • using a plugin table to store information about the cart and the user (could use Guest User plugin, or session ID if anonymous);
  • apart page summing up information about selected Item(s);
  • icon cart/button to add Item to cart;
  • shortcodes to add links to cart and to add to cart;
  • allowing association of a specific “price” field in Settings;
  • allowing for simple discount or shipping fixed (or percentage) costs;
  • Settings: curator contact email, sales contact email, heading and body email texts (could also be fixed, in language files)

Anybody has any extra idea/request/suggestion, or maybe has been working on a similar plugin? Or maybe would like to work together on this?