Shibboleth Single Sign On with Omeka Classic

Hello there,

I am a web developer at Georgetown University, and we regularly set up course sites for professors using the Omeka Classic CMS.

We currently are using the LDAP-Plugin for single sign-on access to our Omeka sites, but the university is moving towards Shibboleth for all single sign-ons.

Are there currently any plugins avaiable for Omeka that would enable this functionality?

I did a Google search on this topic, and the only results I found were a similar post in this forum that no one responded to and an empty GitLab repo for an Omeka-Shibboleth plugin.

Have there been any developments on this front since the last post on this topic?



Someone talked on the (now-extinct) development list about writing a SAML plugin for authentication some time ago… but I’m not sure they ever released it. At least, I can’t find it.

I maintain the LDAP-Plugin, and made a successor named CentralAuth that implements LDAP and CAS as authentication schemes.

There have been comments about Shibboleth support in the past for each plugin:

I’m not certain if those commenters pursued any further development. The largest issues I had implementing CAS was finding a library that did not conflict with the session mechanism Omeka Classic uses, and making sure that the user would be logged out of both Omeka Classic and CAS simultaneously.

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