Sharing logins with DokuWiki, using DokuWiki accounts

Hello. I am sorry if I posted this in wrong category, but I couldn’t find one seemed suitable. I am in charge of administering a website built with DokuWiki for a non profit organization. The organization has issued about 150 user accounts so far and the organization wants to make access to Omeka Classic available to those users without issuing another login account besides DokuWiki accounts. DokuWiki is providing a convenient plugin, authpdo plugin, explained “This plugin allows to configure your wiki to authenticate against an existing database using PHP’s PDO extension.” (BTW, DokuWiki can be run without using database).
DokuWiki user account is simpler than one for Omeka Classic.
DokuWiki user account:
Omeka Classic user account:

Other info.
The website is in a sharing web server.
OS: FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p12 amd64
HTTP Server: Apache /2.4.54
PHP 7.4.33 (module mode)
MySQL 5.7
DokuWiki 2023-04-04a “Jack Jackrum”
Omeka Classic 3.1.1

My questions are

  1. Are there any concernes to access Omeka Classic using DokuWiki account?

  2. Is there any better way to login Omeka Classic with DokuWiki account other than using DokuWiki’s authpdo plugin?

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.
Thank you!

I’m not very familiar with DokuWiki, but it seems to me that the plugin you’ve mentioned would kind of go the other way around: it would make Omeka accounts be how you’d authenticate for DokuWiki.

Hello John. Thank you so very much for your input. I decided to try the DokuWiki plugin, and I am looking for sqls which are actually used for Omeka users table to insert new users, change users’ password, and or do other things.
Could you please tell me which directory I should look to find the sqls?
I found sqls to create tables, but not actual sqls nor php file to use for those tables so far.