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At our institution, our ICTS department is looking to set up an ADFS/SSO integration with our Omeka S (v3) installation. I have looked through some of the other posts on ( and but haven’t managed to find anything applicable at the moment.

Has anybody here managed to do this? I am not sure if there are modules available or if this is something we would need to develop ourselves?

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We believe we have made certain progress on working towards setting up our Omeka S instance to use the institutional SSO using LDAP. However, we do have a question going forward. We would want to adjust the login page where you access the backend of Omeka-S, so as to place our authentication step. Is there a specific folder where that login page resides with the Omeka-S folder on the Linux server so that we can work with it?

Or is this something that can only be adjusted by writing a custom module?

The login page is at application/view/omeka/login/login.phtml.

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