Setting ImageMagick Directory Path?

Hi. I’m new to Omeka (using version 2.6.1), very technically challenged, and getting very frustrated. I’m uploading JPEF and PDF files to be displayed on my site (which is being hosted by Reclaim Hosting), but the images aren’t showing up, either as thumbnails or on the public view of the site. I keep getting the same message once the file is uploaded: “The ImageMagick directory path has not been set. No derivative images will be created. If you would like Omeka to create derivative images, please set the path in Settings.”

The ImageMagick directory path box under “Settings” is blank. I’ve reviewed several exchanges on this forum pertaining to the directory path, but they simply make no sense to me. Can someone provide a non-techie with some very easy instructions as to what needs to be done in order to get these images to show? Thank you for your help and patience!

This topic from Reclaim’s community documentation should help