Set order of exhibits using shortcode?

Can I set the order of exhibits on a simple page using the shortcode? I’ve tried it a few ways - I either get only 1 or the standard 10.

You should be able to use sort and order for the exhibits shortcode… but you’re mentioning 1 and 10, so are you talking about limiting or ordering?

I have 8 exhibits that I want to display on one page (there are more) and I don’t want to sort them by title or by id number , I want to specify the order

[exhibits order ids= 4, 5,7,6] this only gives me one - the exh with id 4
[exhibits id= 4, 5, 7, 6, 8, 2, 3, 1] this give me ten exhibits, starting with 1

I want to be able to set the order by id.

thank you!

sort and order only let you order by the things you can normally sort by, and order specifically only lets you flip between ascending and descending sort order.

There’s no option to just let you specify IDs and get them in the specific order you give, that option just limits the results to only those IDs you give, but doesn’t respect the order.

(A side note: you need to use quotes when giving shortcode values with spaces and some other characters like that in them, like ids="4,5,6,7" . Not doing this is what’s responsible for some of the oddities you’re seeing.)

What you could do is just use the exhibits shortcode repeatedly:

[exhibits ids=4]
[exhibits ids=5]

and so on.

That works! Many thanks.