Server keeps defaulting to Sendmail even though I've changed it to SMTP

I’ve commented out the information pertaining to Sendmail in the Omeka config.ini file and entered in information for SMTP instead.

However, when I actually try to send password reset emails, the error log tells me that “Sendmail” is failing to send anything out meaning it keeps defaulting to Sendmail anyway.



Now it appears that an email is being sent because the server is giving me a “check your email for a reset link” message. However, when I get into Mimecast which is our email filter which intercepts all emails coming into or out of our domain, there is no record of any email being sent to email address I put it. It’s not being blocked because Mimecast would record its status as “blocked” or “bounced” or something along those lines if it was. It is not being received at all so the Omeka server is not sending it.

I think I resolved this. Emails were being send but they were coming through a gmail address for some reason so I was overlooking them.

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