Server configuration suggestions for a giant local running archive

For a digital archiving project, we need to store and archive data about 20 TB’s, on a local system. We want to use Omeka S.

On, it is said that 4 GB Ram, and 1 Ghz+ CPU is suggested for heavy usage, but I just want to ask, whether the amount of data does matter for that? Do I need more RAM and CPU?

Since the archive manager don’t want to publish the archive online, she asked me to suggest a configuration for running it on local system. I’m very confused and need a favor: What kind of system should I suggest?

I know that is needed about 3 times storage then the archived file size, so 60 TB is needed.

To build a system, do we need an powerful server with storage server , or two notebooks (i7 - 16 GB RAM) attached to NAS Storage server would be enough ?

If server is needed can you be specific, what config do you suggest?

It really depends…

Generally CPU and RAM requirements are only really going to go up if you want to serve your site to more visitors at once. As the database grows in size there are some higher requirements but they’re usually not particularly oenerous.

If the data you’re talking about is mostly files, then that doesn’t affect Omeka’s operation much at all, as it just stores the files and makes links to them. Obviously storage space is a factor, but you’ve mentioned that already.

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