Server 500 error using FacetedBrowse module

I’m using Omeka 4.1 and FacetedBrowse 1.4.1, and have come across an issue using a facet based on Item Set:

  • Create facet with selected Item sets
  • Facet Browse page works fine
  • Make one of the Item Sets not-public/invisible
  • Facet Browse page gives a 500 error IF the user is not logged in. Still works if the user is logged in.

This is fixable by removing the non-public Item Set from the Facet. But it would be nice if the Server 500 error could be avoided in such cases.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve made a fix, which should be released in a week or so.

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Great. Thanks for the quick response

I don’t know if this is covered by the same fix, but I’ve also noticed another ItemSet / Server 500 issue in FacetedBrowse:

  • Add an ItemSet to a facet
  • Delete the ItemSet from Omeka without first removing it from the facet.
  • A Server 500 error occurs in the FacetedBrowse public view
  • Editing the facet and simply re-saving it fixes the problem

That should be covered by the same fix.