Sendmail alternative setup

We are trying to get new user account emails setup. Sendmail is not installed on our server, and I am being asked to investigating other methods to send emails. Is there an Omeka-s config file that can be tweaked to point to a different email method, such as SMTP?

Cheers, Paul

The mail is configurable in a similar fashion to Classic, through the local configuration file, config/local.config.php.

The local config can override pretty much anything in the entire config, even if it doesn’t have the “template” sitting there in the file (we just choose things that are likely settings people would want to change to put in there as a guide).

You can see the structure you need by looking at the default configuration in the application folder. The mail code is all from Zend Framework so you’d need to look at their docs on SMTP transport to know what to set for options and so on.

To be clear, you’d make this change by adding the appropriate lines to config/local.config.php. Editing the config file in “application” will work, but will be overridden by updates.