Selecting Exhibits

Hi. I am wondering if it’s possible to select certain exhibits for display under the nav headings? The question is generated because I have a site that combines my own work with that of my students and I’d like to be able to have two nav tabs – one for my work, one for theirs. So, for instance, can I tag their exhibits as “student work” or something similar, then have them appear under one nav tab and not under the main exhibits tab? I see from the forum that one solution is just to create a simple page for one group of exhibits and another for the other group, but I’m wondering if it can be coded so I don’t have to keep updating the simple pages. Thanks!

You could tag them using two tags, one for yours and one for theirs. Then you could add two custom nav entries pointing to the exhibits browse page, one for each tag, and just uncheck the nav for the “regular” Exhibits Browse that includes them all.

Having it work with just one tag isn’t quite as simple.