Selecting all items in API

I take the liberty of getting involved here:
In my module I want to use the internal API to query all items with images and then process them.
a) All items with images
b) Loop all images per item

I tried with:

$response = $api->read('items', "*")->getContent();

and also with:

$response = $api->read('items', "")->getContent();

Unfortunately both possibilities do not work. What should the correct call be?

I split this out because it seemed like really a separate topic.

read is for getting single items. To get a set of items, including all, you want to use the search method.

Thank you, where can I find the exact parameters for read() and search() ? Can I call e.g.

$response = $api->search ('items', "*")->getContent();

to retrive all item data?

Search parameters are listed in the developer documentation, but what’s unstated there is that just passing no parameters (an empty array) is a search for all results.