Select a specific media to share within Mirador viewer

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it were at all possible to share a link to an item that would open the Mirador viewer directly on the selected page.
As it stands, and as I understand it, it is possible to share the media page, where (in our case) the media can then be consulted with OpenSea Dragon, or the direct original file page. In the case of the media page, the URI is “”. Would it be possible to load the item page, maybe with a similar process, so that the mirador viewer automatically loads the desired page?
Would this be more of a Mirador issue that we may have to raise with them? In the mirador share demo, the Van Gogh loads on the 3rd image, however I don’t find the way to reproduce this. Add to this the fact that it is not just a mirador viewer with a manifest but an item page…

Thank you in advance if anyone has any clue.

Hi Alyx,

In the demo, the third image is displayed because it is set inside the manifest (and it’s possible to improve the module IiifServer to add an option to specify the start image). But I don’t know the way to select the good page via a iiif url. You may ask on the mirador site (

Next, I can improve the module Mirador to display the good page automatically. It’s nearly possible in Universal Viewer (it modifies the url dynamically when turning the pages), but not in a standard way.

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