Seeking Omeka designer-developer for funded educational exhibition

The Center for Comporary Equine Studies (Woodside, CA) is seeking an experienced Omeka designer-developer to assist with implementation of an online educational exhibition documenting the role of horses in the formation of the global pharmaceutical industry, c1890 - present.

The source material comprises the largest single compilation of original records, photos, film footage and videos on the subject in existence, spanning 125 years and virtually every country. The documents and images have been converted to the digital format (PDF and JPEG), and are presently archived in a local Omeka installation (MAMP) mirrored on a remote server (Dreamhost).

The opening is immediately available as a funded independent contractor position. The fee arrangement is negotiable; a working knowledge of the Omeka-Zotero and Neatline plugins is a plus. The online exhibition is scheduled for launch during 3rd Q of this year.

If interested, please respond here or directly by email (equus<@>