Seeking Designer / Developer for interesting, varied project


We are embarking on an exciting new project to build an Omeka for a couple of interesting collections.

  1. A series of very old reports, 18th and 19th century to current, 60,000 scanned pages, converted to PDF and OCR’d. We need to design the site and present in chronological manner. We also need to expand on the capabilities of the PDF plugin if possible to improve the searching and especially the results, if possible to provide highlighted hits.

  2. A large collection of photographs. Some custom design required and if possible a payments module.

The project is likely to begin before the end of 2017. The effort involved is to get the end user up and running with the custom theme, and plugins described above. The end user will do the heavy lifting of inputting the material once the environment is created.

Please respond here initially for further discussion.



Very interesting projects! Are you going to use Omeka 2.5 or Omeka S for your projects? And how many developers are going to work on the projects? Thanks.




Hi Jason,

We were thinking of Omeka 2.5

We hope that just one developer will required for the project. Are you interested?



My main developer is on annual leave this week. I will contact you next week on his return


No problem. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Jason,

Could we have a conference call with you next week to discuss your experience and for us to describe the proposed project so that we can scope out the project?

We are on IST time (GMT +1)

Would Monday 24th July or Tuesday 25th July, afternoon, suit you?



July 25th works better for me. How about 9am IST time? Thanks.



Hi Jason

July 25th is fine but could we delay until 10am.

Barry Cannon has an early appointment but will be back for 10am.



Okay. I am on EST time. It will be 12:30 am Tue. July 25th for me. Do you use skype or other tools?




Let me know if you are online. Thanks.



Hi Jason, online now



I am online too. Do you have time to talk? Thanks.





I messed up the meeting time. Could we find another time to talk? Thanks.

By the way, here is my email:




@Jason Did this work out? Jason, are you experienced developing Omeka sites for community archives?


I would be interested in taking this on if you haven’t found anyone to do it yet. You can see an Omeka site and the subsequent native Android app (iOS in dev) at for a sample of my work.