SearchSolr module Configuration Problem:403Forbidden

I am using Omeka-s 3.1.1 , installed module Advanced Search and Advanced Search adapter for Solr (SearchSolr)

under SearchSolr folder , I run "compose install " to installed the Solarium library

I have one solr instance running at localhost and create a new core “omeka” , In the SearchSolr configuration I put hostnamee:localhost , port:8983 , solr core: omeka , but got "
Solr HTTP error: Forbidden (403)"

I double checked the solr is running on localhost with port 8983 .

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Thanks so much

There may be a solr user/password to set?

@Daniel_KM Thanks for replying. I finally figure out it works with “” , not with “localhost” , it is wired.

Btw , since you’re here , I have two question

  1. is there any document about how to style the search page (form) ? tutorial example how to config ?
  2. Is there way to set only search on certain fields like dcterms_title_txt ,dcterms_description_txt

Thanks so much for helping

The view are in view/search. Initialy, i copied css class from omeka browse view, so it was displayed the same, but it may not be fully updated with last versions.

To search only on some fields is managed by “filter” and this is the top of the config form.

@Daniel_KM Thanks for reply.

The AdvancedSearch is working . However there is some issue with Autocomplete. I saw there is a file under …/modules/AdvancedSearch/asset/vendor/jquery-autocomplete/jquery.autocomplete.min.js

any idea ?Thanks

There are two ways to configure autocomplete : either create a suggester where you choose which properties are uses to , and set in the top of the search config page form; either set the url of solr autocomplete and the name of the arg (suggest.q) directly in the search config page form.

@Daniel_KM Thanks for reply.

I have another issue . I used the latest AdvancedSearch on Omeka-s 4.0.1 . I have a homepage site associate with 3 other sites (each child site has items in them )

I set the solrsearch on homepage , it will have no search result ( I guess there is no item’s site_id equal home page site_id)

If I set solrseach on one of the child site, it will show search result on items which has at site_id.

Is there a way to set SolrSearch on the home page to search all items for different site_ids ?



Not for now, but you can set it via the theme.

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