Searching HTML text of pages

Dear Forum Users,

Apologies if this Q has already been answered, but I seem unable o search over HTML text on pages added to Omeka S sites. This seemed to be possible on Classic Omeka via the search settings but seems to be missing on Omeka S…?

Any help appreciated


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“Sitewide” search like in Classic currently isn’t provided by Omeka S, but it is on the roadmap.

Something like a Google custom search would be an option you could use currently. There are some search modules, but I’m not sure any of them currently index the page contents.


thanks jflatnes for the reply,

I wasn’t aware that this functionality was lacking in S - and just assumed there would be like-for-like functionality regards search capability (or at least just as good) for Omeka S compared to Classic. I will check out the other plugins just in case, and thanks for the pointer to google search type products as a stop-gap

best wishes