Searching for items that have no attached site

In advanced search, I know you can search for items by a certain site…but what if you want to uncover all of the items that currently don’t have a site assigned to it? Is there a systematic way to achieve this currently?


Hi schaffer,

Yes, that is perfectly possible.
Go to Admin → Items → Advanced Search and select “[none]” in the “Search by site” box.
Then click the “Search” button and you will get an overview of items that are not attached to any site.

You could also use this direct URL to get the same results: https://<>/admin/item?site_id=0

Best regards,
Maarten Coonen

Thank you, Maarten. I tested that, but it’s not working for me. When I put in that URL, I get zero results, however I know for a fact that there was at least one item with no assigned sites, and it didn’t come up in that result.