Search throw api

Hello everyone,
I try to figure out how can i search by a keyword using the v2.4.1 API.
I try few clients but none was usefull.

I saw that omeka-s can do it and i try to do that on omeka-classic.

thanks for the help ^^


Some support for that is in the most recent code, and will be released in v2.5

Thanks for the quick response.
have you an ETA release date or beta release date ?

We’re aiming for before October, I think.

will you release 2.5 alpha or beta version sooner ?

We generally don’t do alphas or betas of Omeka, as the changes tend to be relatively small. You can always get the latest Omeka code on github.

Are there any news about this issue?

Sorry, now I saw that it’s already working from version 2.5