Search Only For Items With Images

I have 1733 items and I’m trying to filter/search for only those items that have Files/images. Can I do this with the Items Search function?

A URL like items/browse?hasImage=1 will return only items with images.

Thanks John! It sort of worked when I changed it to files/browse?hasImage=1 but it only returned 35 results, which is many less than I know I have. Is it because maybe only 35 have one single image? How can I search for items that have at least one image? I tried using =<1, but still got 35.

The “1” in this case just means “has an image,” it doesn’t refer to the count of images. Basically that checks for whether or not Omeka has a thumbnail for an item/file. Are some (many) of your files not images?

The “files/browse” part is a little confusing. Generally in Omeka Classic, there is no files/browse page, so I’m not sure what’s happening there.

Is your site available, and could you post a link to it?

OK. I got it to work a little better using items/browse?Images. Then it returned all 667 images I’ve added. Now, is it possible to streamline that so it returns results listing items that have at least one file. Yes, all files are photos. Some items have just one photo, while other’s have multiples.

The site is

To re-phrase. I’m trying to generate a list of properties that don’t have photos yet.

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