Search not showing People added to controlled vocabulary

A new mystery for our established Omeka instance - and apologies for the lack of images; as a new user, I can’t post more than one media item at a time, and I’ve taken multiple screencaps of the various aspects of the issue. Images will be provided in comments below the topic.

We utilize a Simple Page called “Popular Searches” which allows us to present a variety of our most popular searches, including “Digital images of a specific Person” - where People is a controlled vocab in our Simple Vocabs.

After inserting some new Simple Vocab today, however, some of the new names are not populating into the public facing list for “Digital images of a specific Person”.

When searching known and verified names (both through Popular Search, such as selecting from the aforementioned list; and just doing a general OR advanced search), we receive limited results as compared to simply clicking a person’s name on a record and refining the search through modified search; and records do exist for names that aren’t appearing on the list

We are running a slightly out of date instance (3.0.3 instead of 3.1.2), but if this is an issue as simple as updating, I’ll get right on that. So far, I have tried indexing/reindexing records, as well as configuring our AvantSearch, but neither seem to have done anything. We are not receiving an error result when we do searches. More than anything, we’re just confused on why results are appearing inconsistently, why names in the Vocab list aren’t populating even though they have attached results, and what to do to reconcile the issue overall.

Many thanks to anyone that might have idea of what’s going on and how to fix it!

Image below shows the “Popular Searches” simple page, with links to a variety of our most popular searches, including the (temporarily problematic) “Digital images of a specific Person”

Image below is the text field of controlled vocabulary for the People field, specifically on Still Images, where some of our new entrants are located
Simple Vocab

Image below shows the results on the “Digital images of a specific Person” search result listing, where the Burbridges clearly are not displayed.
Popular Searches by Person results

Results of a simple search, through selection on the “Digital images of a specific Person” list
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12-47-38 12 items found · NRAO_AUI Archives

Results of merely selecting a name from the People field in a record - note on this and the aforementioned results: neither was specific on still images in these particular searches (verified through looking at “modify search” on results)
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12-47-58 30 items found · NRAO_AUI Archives

Proof of records result for the “missing” People - this resulted in a limited records result, but another search (done through selecting one of the names in the “People” field of one of these records) resulted in very different search returns
Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 12-48-34 3 items found · NRAO_AUI Archives

Your problem appears to be that the “Digital Images of a specific Person” saved search you’re looking at requires that the items have “Still Image” as the value for their “Type” metadata, and your example “E. Margaret Burbidge…” has “Text” as its Type instead.

Note that this is the “Type” Dublin Core field rather than the Item Type.

I was about to confidently come in here and say something to the contrary, but verified this with a test image first - what a difference the “Type” makes!

Well, now it’s the task of going through thousands of records to find the images that are labeled as “Text” - THANK YOU for quickly and easily finding the issue with the rats nest!

You might want to try the Bulk Metadata Editor plugin, for that.