Search for nearest markers in Omeka S mapping

I am trying to use Omeka s’ mapping module in order to find the nearest markers given coordinates. I have tried searching for the documentation and looking at the source code, and I only found that it requires a radius and an address, but I cannot figure out what the address should be. Setting the address as 45,7, for example (45 being a latitude and 7 being a longitude), I get:

{"errors":{"error":"[Semantical Error] line 0, col 84 near \u0027distance \u003C= \u0027: Error: \u0027distance\u0027 is not defined."}}

Is it possible to achieve that?

What interface are you using to set the address as 45,7?

Hi, I am not using any interface, this is just what I have tried but I am not sure it is correct

Could you please detail the exact steps you took to end up with the result you posted above? Are you using the public map browse page? Do you see that result in your browser’s debugger? I just need more information on how to reproduce the error you’re seeing.

Hi there, I just did some experiments by directly launching the url omekaWebsite/api/mapping_markers?address=45,7&radius=100. 45 would be the latitude and 7 the longitude; I found some examples online which seem to corroborate this hypothesis.

Okay, the interface you’re using is the Omeka S API. I can’t reproduce the error, but address is the physical address as identified by OpenStreetMap, not the geographic coordinates. maybe that’s why you’re getting that error?

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I also tried using a physical address, but unfortunately I got no luck. However, I found out that this is a known bug. Thanks again for your help and patience!

I just made a new release that should fix the problem:

Thank you very much for your help!

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