Scripto-users can't log in

Some of our users have verified accounts, tried to log in, but the system is not allowing them to log in. Even when they seem to have logged in, the “Log in” button is still visible and not their user name. Screenshot attached.

What versions are you using for Omeka S, Scripto, and MediaWiki?

OmekaS- This is really weird because one page says 3.1.0 and another says 3.2.0.
Scripto-3.2.0 (I think?)
MediaWiki- 1.40.0-wmf.3

I’m sorry if these answers are unhelpful, but this is my first time trying to solve this problem and navigating this site!

Can you downgrade your MediaWiki installation to the current release (1.38.4)? The version you’re using is unreleased and may be causing the problem.