Scripto Sync Jobs are all stuck at "Starting"

I’d installed Omeka S and Scripto beta, apparently without difficulty, but ran into a problem syncing a Scripto Project with an Item Set of Youtube videos. The Sync Job and subsequent attempts all became stuck at “Starting”. After editing the config/local.config.php file so that the line ‘phpcli_path’ => null, is reset to phpcli_path’ => ‘/usr/local/bin/php’ - the Sync completed promptly. I see that the phpcli path has popped up in relation to difficulties with Importing CSVs as well. Perhaps the Installation Documentation could highlight this issue.

Anything that runs a job in the background in Omeka S needs to know the path to the PHP binary, so that includes most if not all importer modules, batch edit operations for more than a page’s worth of resources, and the Scripto job you mention here. When that binary is on the standard path, Omeka S can “guess” the location, and that’s what happens with the default of null for that setting. If it’s somewhere non-standard or there’s some other issue like the PATH variable is set wrong or not set, then you have to set the correct path manually.