Scripto - missing linebreaks from transcriptions

The following question may sound dumb, I guess, but anyway, I couldn’t find a solution for myself yet.
We have set up a scripto installation to transcribe 16th century scripts ( Everything works fine (as far as I can tell) but after importing the transcriptions into Omeka, all single line breaks are gone, only double line breaks are kept (formatted as paragraph breaks). We do need a line to line transcription, line breaks have to be kept for further processing (e. g. converted to . How can I achieve that?
Thankful fur any help,

That’s part of the formatting in MediaWiki - it ignores single line breaks. According to their formatting guidelines you might be able to use <br />

Wikitext does not preserve single line breaks. Instead it wraps the text in <p>, as you’ve seen. I see two options:

a) In Scripto’s plugin configuration, change the import type from HTML to plain text and see if that works (you’ll lose formatting but singe line breaks may be converted to <br>);
b) Use double line breaks in your Wikitext.

Using double line breaks is not really an option but changing the configuration of Scripto as you suggested (plain text) did the trick.
Thanks a lot!

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