Scripto / Login Issues (?) / options not appearing on transcribe page

I can successfully transcribe items as an anonymous user but MediaWiki/Scripto accounts appear not to be logging in correctly – Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m sure the fix is simple but I can’t seem to find it and, as you can expect, have been on this for longer than I ought to have. I noticed that the options for protecting a page and import a page or a document were not appearing when I signed in. Also, the ‘Log in to Scripto’ option does not disappear (even though interface returns a ‘Login Successful’ message).

I thought it was quirk of Scripto UI, but as I fiddled with LocalSettings.php, turning on and off editing privileges for different types of user groups, I’m concerned that I am actually never logged in to Scripto/MediaWiki.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I was on MediaWiki 1.28 and I downgraded to 1.27.3
  • I upgraded Scripto as I was under the impression the newest version addressed this issue
  • I’ve tested creating different kinds of users, toggling caching
  • I disabled email confirmation in case that was preventing users from being activated

Current stack:

  • Omeka 2.4.1
  • Scripto 2.3
  • MediaWiki 1.27.3 (LTS)

Thanks in advance!

Aha! Simple is right. For the record:

The login issue with the new versions of MediaWiki has to do with the addition of a cookie prefix, which the new Scripto plugin takes into account.

@jimsafley 2017-15-06

Yes, thanks to @mebrett’s patience, we’ve found that the cookie prefix is predictably in one of the following formats:
<dbname> if a table prefix is not used, -or-
<dbname>_<tableprefix>_ if a table prefix is used
<dbname> is the MediaWiki database name and <tableprefix> is the MediaWiki table prefix, in case one is being used. (Note the trailing underscore in the second format.)


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